FALCO Holsters Launches Affiliate Marketing Program for Influe


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FALCO Holsters, globally recognized for its distinctive approach of using a craftsman in the production of every leather holster from start to finish, today announced a new affiliate marketing program with AvantLink. Through this partnership, members of the media, influencers and other affiliates receive a 10% commission on sales.

According to FALCO Holsters Sales Manager Katarína Zacharová, “We are excited to launch the program with AvantLink and keen to offer content creators a convenient way to monetize their efforts. Having recently attended the Professional Outdoor Media Association’s annual business conference, we clearly understand how important it is for social media influencers and journalists to generate revenue for themselves while producing exposure for our brand,” she said.

AvantLink Vice President of Global Sales Operations Scott Chaplin said, “We are honored to welcome FALCO Holsters as a new merchant on our platform. FALCO is a fantastic addition to our network that our affiliate base will be happy to promote. FALCO products are top quality, their customer service is excellent and their story is compelling,” he said. “They offer creators the perfect mix of a healthy commission combined with premium products and a great experience.”

“The affiliate marketing program is a key part of our growth strategy, and it allows us to offer the full selection of FALCO cases in a mutually beneficial way for content creators,” Zacharová said. “As more and more people enjoy the freedom of owning a handgun, they need high quality holsters to rely on. We take the same approach with our affiliate marketers and review each candidate to confirm that it suits our brand and the audience.

Since 1989, FALCO Holsters has grown from manufacturing falconry gloves and a small assortment of pistol holsters in the founder’s garage to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. While taking advantage of modern technology, the company continues to rely on experienced artisans to handcraft each case. “Virtually every weapon and every carry position is included in our product line, and thanks to constant modernization, we can manufacture a fully customized leather holster in just 10 days,” Zacharová said.

FALCO Holsters encourages influencers and others who want to support the right to bear arms to apply to their AvantLink program as affiliates. “Upon approval, our affiliate partners receive links to embed on their websites, social media platforms, blogs, podcasts and emails. Every qualifying purchase earns them a 10% commission through the affiliate link,” added Zacharová.

Apply for the FALCO Holsters Affiliate Marketing Program through AvantLink.

For answers about the FALCO Holsters AvantLink affiliate marketing program, please contact Martin Lukačko at [email protected]

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