Fáilte Ireland launches marketing campaign targeting pensioners and parents with up to 40,000 vacancies in the tourism sector


A staffing crisis in the tourism industry ahead of the summer season led Fáilte Ireland to launch a €700,000 nationwide marketing campaign aimed at recruiting retirees and parents into the industry.

Works for Me’ aims to attract more people of all ages and demographics to jobs in tourism as a staff shortage threatens the industry’s full return nationwide for summer 2022.

A report by Fáilte Ireland earlier this year estimated there were 40,000 vacancies in the sector, with a Fáilte Ireland representative calling the shortage “unprecedented”.

An independent Irish report last weekend explained that some businesses can only open three days a week due to staff shortages, as a confidential report warned of a ‘triple threat’ to the post recovery -Covid from the tourism and hospitality industry in Ireland.

The Tourism Advisory Group report says some tour operators are ‘scrambling’ for beds, but pricing is proving a major challenge, particularly at weekends, as a shortage of rental cars and staff looms large. proves to be a major challenge within the industry.

The Fáilte Ireland campaign will target a new demographic of potential staff, with a particular focus on retirees and parents who, according to Fáilte Ireland research, are looking for flexible working arrangements and models.

Pre-covid tourism accounted for 260,000 jobs in Ireland, generated €7.5 billion a year and in some counties provided up to one in five jobs.

Launching the campaign, Fáilte Ireland CEO Paul Kelly said recruitment and skills challenges are “hampering the recovery of the sector”.

“There are brilliant career opportunities in the industry right now, and today’s campaign launch will help raise awareness of the breadth and variety of roles, as well as the flexibility and progression that they can offer to potential candidates.

“Tourism is a vital part of the national economy and fostering the future prosperity of the sector is a key strategic priority for Fáilte Ireland. We have a comprehensive program in place to help the industry address both its immediate recruitment challenges and ensure the sector can attract the talent and skills it needs to grow and thrive in the future.” , Mr. Kelly said.

The new national campaign will focus on targeting new demographic groups and “amplify the specific benefits and advantages” that apply to them.

Almost a third of employees say that having flexible working hours is one of the main reasons for working in tourism and hospitality, while almost half of non-industrial workers have said they would consider a career in tourism and hospitality if offered a predictable work schedule. that suits their work-life balance.

Jenny de Saulles, sector development director at Fáilte Ireland, said the shortage of staff and skills is ‘worsening as we head into the busy summer season, which is often the only time small businesses can operate’ .

“The campaign we have designed will be key in unlocking potential staff by showing how working in the industry suits a wide range of lifestyles. We know that many companies in the sector have had success in hiring these potential employees who are looking for flexibility,” said Ms. de Saulles.

A national database of live opportunities in the tourism industry is available at tourismcareers.ie.


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