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Scott Hirsch, CEO of Media Direct and internationally renowned expert in data, analytics and digital marketing, has created a lasting legacy.

DELRAY BEACH, FL, USA, March 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Scott Hirsch, CEO of Media Direct and internationally recognized expert in data, analytics and digital marketing, has created a lasting legacy. Scott O Hirsch has helped develop several commonly used data technology concepts. These include registration emails, data / digital media marketing, affiliate marketing, electronic add-on, and DIY app development.

Hirsch began developing digital direct marketing for Lens Express in 1991. Registration email, also known as permission marketing, is a form of digital direct marketing. This involves sending marketing material to those who have provided their email address and indicated their willingness to receive the material. Email addition helps businesses find their customers’ emails by matching names and addresses with supplier lists.

“Opt-in email marketing is an effective way to nurture customer relationships and drive sales,” Hirsch said. Today, 61% of consumers prefer the brand to contact them by email, says Scott Hirsch, CEO, who founded eDirect in 1998. eDirect, the first option-based email data marketing company membership, then merged with Naviant, and then sold the combined product company to Equifax.

Scott O Hirsch was also a pioneer in the use of digital data and founded RelationServe, an interactive marketing company, and created its proprietary database. He then sold his stake. He has since created DigDev, a data marketing company.

The affiliate marketing industry, of which he is a founder, has grown by 52% over the past five years. About 12,000 affiliate marketing programs currently exist in the United States. “Affiliate marketing will continue to become a major way for businesses to acquire new customers,” says Scott O Hirsch.

Finally, CEO Scott Hirsch also sees app creation as a forward-looking marketing strategy. “More than half of those who access the Internet on their phones browse with apps,” says Scott Hirsch, CEO. “Apps can give you access to potential customers you wouldn’t otherwise have while improving customer engagement,” he continues. “An app can also create another branding opportunity. “

CEO Scott Hirsch is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has written articles on digital marketing for Forbes, The Huffington Post, Time, Inc, Fox Business and Entrepreneur.

Scott Hirsch has not only created a lasting legacy in the marketing industry. He also left a lasting legacy in the boxing world. He coached former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs. The Boxing Writers Association of America named Scott Hirsch CEO for “Manager of the Year” in 2006, when Briggs won the WBO title.

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