Electronics giant Acer India partners with Admitad for affiliate marketing


Admitad India, one of India’s leading affiliate networks, has partnered with Taiwanese electronics and hardware company Acer in India to help them maximize growth opportunities through their D2C e-commerce initiative.

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Acer, a leading PC brand in multiple segments such as gaming, education and more, has for decades been a pioneer in bringing to market laptops, AIOs, tablets, desktop, projectors, accessories, air purifiers, wireless headphones, among others and Affiliate marketing has proven to be a proven method to boost online sales for electronic brands.

Through this exclusive partnership with Admitad, Acer India aims to design strategies for a seamless online campaign with their support by monitoring the quality and volume of traffic and transactions through Admitad’s reporting dashboard. The tracking platform enables easy real-time monitoring tools to achieve campaign goals.

Affiliate marketing is increasingly appealing to brands looking to expand their presence online, due to the sheer number of businesses being attracted to e-commerce platforms. Online marketplaces are getting more traffic since the pandemic as almost all essential and daily products are purchased online. Even residents of Tier II and III cities are open to exploring online markets. The trends are even more compelling for the electronics and gadgets segment, as 2020 turned out to be the year when these brands had the highest sales through Admitad and others. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, data from Admitad suggests that the electronics segment generated revenue of 61% of total sales volume.

As a 100% performance-based business model, affiliate marketing allows brands to seek out genuine traffic sources for their products, while facilitating an atmosphere conducive to targeted engagement and ROI. Among the various means at their disposal, brands choose to promote cashback systems, coupons, price comparisons, loyalty programs, etc., creating a win-win for publishers and advertisers thanks to the affiliation.

Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing at Acer India, said, “After creating the right brand value over these years, we have reached a stage in our business where the Acer online store has become a key sales channel. for us, serving our customers and partners with an omnichannel experience. Admitad has earned a reputation for providing top-notch affiliate services to many market leaders across all segments, and our exclusive association hopes to do the same for Acer.

He added, “Since the traffic from these programs is highly purchase-driven, affiliates should be considered in your end-of-funnel marketing tactics, which improves the ROI of your marketing investments. . Affiliate programs are not only a lever to improve your traffic at the end of the funnel, they have a big role to play during the consideration phase of the buying process. Potential customers will do a lot of research online before buying a laptop. It really helps to be present in different listings, comparison sites, which helps to position the right model for the right audience.

Neha Kulwal, Country Manager, Admitad India, said, “We have provided technology and affiliate solutions to brands across multiple segments, and we are truly delighted to bring our industry expertise to this exclusive partnership with Acer India. In its approach to help Acer achieve the desired goals, we will develop broad brand reach through multiple tie-ups. We look forward to our association with Acer India and look forward to generating return on investment through our diverse range of marketing channels.

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