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Part 4 is here!! Who’s been with us all the way then? The Affiliate Marketing Podcast is at the end of the four-part series where we dissected the crux of our AMPLIFY Summit. In this week’s episode, we’ll explore some of the most interesting topics that are frequently asked at affiliate events: attribution modeling and the value of partners in the e-commerce industry.

If you’re not sure what attribution is, what it does, or how to use it in your affiliate program, stay put because in this episode we dig deeper into understanding where and how to get better value from your e-commerce partners.

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Listen to learn more about:

  • How to use your datasets to make the right decisions
  • What you can do to make full use of your affiliates
  • How editors can be your best friend in your program

[05:00] – Hear how cashback has evolved over the years

[09:30] Discussions begin on benefits and why they should be incorporated into any business

[17:00] – Find out what brands should focus on to increase their own visibility and how they use cashback.

[27:00] – The panel provides expert advice on what you can do to make your attribution model a success.

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