Dubai launches new Hollywood-style global marketing campaign to attract visitors



The Dubai Tourism and Business Marketing Department has launched a new global campaign called Dubai presents, which stars Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Zac Efron. The campaign invites travelers from all over the world – that is, you – as well as experienced researchers, storytellers and artistic creators to stage themselves, write their own scripts and be part of their own adventure. theatrical, with the breathtaking locations of Dubai setting the perfect backdrop.

In other words, you are welcome to use the magnificent Burj Al Arab hotel – the seventh tallest hotel in the world and shaped like a sailboat, nothing less – and the Gold Souk – plus the Spice Souk – and more what Dubai has in store – to create your own travel adventures. I have definitely been there, made it to Dubai – and always wanted to go back. The lure of mouth-watering, locally made hummus alone gets me there in a minute in NYC!

With the ultimate vision of positioning Dubai as the world’s premier tourist destination and commercial hub, Dubai Tourism’s mission is to increase awareness of Dubai among the global public and attract tourists and foreign investment to the world. emirate.

Building on the 2019 ‘A Story Takes Off’ global platform, the new campaign Dubai presents presents Alba and Efron in a variety of gripping storylines through a series of trailers, and is designed to showcase the diversity of experiences and destinations on offer across the city, inspiring viewers to seek out the perfect places to tell their own story. story. It’s time to get your passport out!

Filmed by award-winning Directors Guild director Craig Gillespie, the campaign features a series of six trailer short films from different genres, starting with the Spy-action genre, each film taking viewers on a captivating journey through the world. city.

The first film of the Dubai presents The series stars Alba and Efron as a practice couple and plays on the classic spy action genre, featuring spy-style drama sequences with a humorous James Bond twist. Taking viewers on a journey through iconic destinations such as the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Al Naseem, and award-winning Italian overwater restaurant Pierchic, the film explores Dubai’s sophisticated Jumeirah neighborhood before setting off for an epic caper in the desert to Dubai’s adventure capital, Hatta, home to sandy landscapes and a plethora of activities including hiking, biking and kayaking.

The campaign is launched in more than 15 languages ​​and will be rolled out in all international markets throughout 2021, across multiple platforms including TV, OOH, OTT, cinema, digital and social.

Building on Dubai’s status as a global creative hub and flagship for the international community of filmmakers, content creators and other budding creators, the campaign celebrates storytelling and content creation in all its forms. Attracting tourists of all ages, with all budgets, Dubai presents demonstrates that Dubai is the perfect destination, offering a full range of cinematic experiences to suit all tastes.

Internationally acclaimed actress, author and founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba, said, “Being able to play multiple characters in different genres of films for this project has given me the opportunity to see the city in a way that I would not have imagined. One moment I was making my way through the spice souk of old Dubai, and the next moment I was on the top floor of the iconic Burj Al Arab performing my own stunt sequence for an action scene. Dubai has so much to offer – beautiful places with delicious food and an energy to match, I loved every part of it.

She added: “One of the most surprising things about Dubai for me is the respect and genuine appreciation for traditional Middle Eastern customs. Certainly you can see a culture and people whose origins come to life in different ways, but the Bedouin vibe was truly appreciated and handled with so much care and respect, but also how super modern and almost the other rooms were. as in the future. I mean the architecture was crazy, I have never seen architecture in my life like the one I saw in downtown Dubai, it was beautiful just like works of art everywhere you look, just beautiful buildings. And then in an hour you are in the most breathtaking desert. The desert almost has a life of its own, during the day it’s one thing and then what it becomes at night, and how different the temperature is, it was really, really beautiful, so it was cool.

Award-winning actor and producer Zac Efron commented: “I have been to Dubai before, but I have never been able to really appreciate the city this way. Despite the fact that I travel often, it is rare to have the time and opportunity to truly explore and take advantage of the city’s offerings. The desert was especially special to me… a landscape so peaceful and calm and unlike anything I had ever seen. The people of Dubai were incredibly warm and hospitable and invited me to enjoy the culture by their side. I love the idea of ​​discovery and exploration and Dubai did not disappoint.

Director’s Guild, award-winning director Craig Gillespie commented: “The most exciting thing about this project was being able to use the art of filmmaking to show how vibrant and diverse Dubai can be. For some it is the ultimate luxury adventure, for others it is a romantic getaway with quirk and nostalgia or an eye-opening journey of culture and heritage. Zac and Jessica’s versatility as actors, combined with dramatic sets and a crew from all over the world, made cinema magic and we are excited to share this series with the world.

Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) said: “Thanks to the city’s leadership, ecosystem collaboration and open dialogue, Dubai was one of the first cities in the world. to reopen its doors, one of the first cities to bring back business events; welcoming tourists and business travelers safely and successfully. Last year, we promised the world that Dubai would be ready to welcome them when the time was right for them. It is now that 2021 is the year Dubai presents perfect moments with family and friends. Whether it’s for a weekend, an extended vacation or even a creative vacation, we promise it will be a successful experience for all.

Following strict Covid-19 protocols, the shooting took place over a period of five days with a diverse cast and crew of over 180 people representing 27 nationalities – celebrities and directors, award-winning production and creative teams. to a world-class film crew. , Dubai presents evokes the creative spirit of a cosmopolitan city rooted in multiculturalism. Here is a short video of the campaign:

Issam Kazim continued: “Inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai to transform the Emirate into a ‘world capital of the creative economy ” Dubai presents positions Dubai as an artistic and cultural destination where creatives and storytellers connect. The campaign supports Dubai’s strategic vision of redefining the city through a cultural lens and invites the world to share their perspective on the city.

Now head to Dubai – start with the Burj Al Arab – to taste the world’s most expensive cocktail and experience its wonderful turtle hospital and exclusive luxurious down duvets, with their impressive choice of 14-variety pillows, among other pampering.

You are bound to be impressed with everything in Dubai.

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