DPIIT to market over 400 IG products through multimedia marketing campaign


To market more than 400 GI (geographical indication) items including Darjeeling tea, Chanderi cloth, Mysore silk and Kashmiri walnut wood carving, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is preparing a multimedia campaign.

According to the Ministry’s tender notice, “The Ministry for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) intends to set up one or more audiovisual agencies to carry out various multimedia campaigns, the production of advertising and promotional material on a regular and continuous basis.”

The agency would also help the government scale up the IG campaign through a variety of interventions, which are seen as crucial to creating a robust IG ecosystem, it said.

The Ministry’s DPIIT is seeking to nominate reputable AV companies for a GI promotion campaign.

The production of films, documentaries, sponsored audiovisual (audiovisual) programs, audiovisual advertisements and short videos would fall under the jurisdiction of the incorporated agency or agencies.

According to the notice, there has been very little promotion and publicity for Indian GI products, resulting in very little awareness and interest among the younger population.

In India, more than 400 GI products, according to the release, are registered.

Given the great business potential of GI, it is crucial to focus on marketing, branding, advertising campaigns and cataloging of GI items. This can be done by using e-commerce tools, communication technologies and developing online portals, the report adds.

The notification stated that the formulation of a well-planned and comprehensive multimedia communication strategy is required, along with diligent execution on a pan-Indian basis, for the benefit of the rights holders, who are mainly local artists and artisans.

The main purpose of these advertisements is to position Indian GI items as specialty products by creating a premium brand around them.

A GI is mainly a manufactured product (artisanal and industrial products), an agricultural product or a natural product originating from a specific geographical region.

The correct procedure for registering GI elements involves submission of an application, preliminary examination and scrutiny, notice of justification, publication in the Geographical Indications Journal, opposition to registration and registration.

Once a product receives this label, no person or company can sell a comparable product under this name. This tag is valid for ten years, after which it can be renewed.

Legal protection of that subject matter, prevention of unauthorized use by others, and increased exports are other benefits of GI registration.

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