Doceree CEO Dr. Harshit Jain Publishes Book on Medical Marketing Strategies


CEO of Docere Dr Harshit Jain has a lot of thoughts on the pain points facing medical marketing. In fact, he has so many thoughts on medical marketing that he wrote a book about them.

Jain, 2021 winner of the MM+M 40 Under 40, has unveiled his second book, The next marketing, this week.

In the book, Jain identifies the biggest pain points facing point-of-service marketing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and urges marketers to tailor their messaging accordingly.

Jain said marketing to healthcare professionals is changing and increasingly focusing on POC marketing when they use electronic health records or telehealth services. This new phase of marketing doesn’t have a lot of literature on it, Jain said, noting that there’s a lack of standardization in the field. He said his goal with the book was to combat myths around POC marketing and provide clarity for healthcare advertisers.

Such examples of misconceptions in the space often surround data analytics, he said, as well as whether or not to advertise on EHR platforms. Ultimately, Jain said he wanted the book to serve as an educational tool for advertisers and provide helpful answers to their questions.

“This is an attempt to bring transparency to the subject and serve as a great starting point for anyone considering using POC marketing for better engagement with healthcare professionals,” he said. -he declares.

Drawing on his background as a doctor and marketer, Jain said he also seeks to educate pharmaceutical brands and their respective agencies about the opportunities available to them. Marketers should start to think of POC as a strategy rather than a tactic and attach considerable budgetary considerations to it to get the most out of it, he said.

“The real power of the POC is when you start to think of it as a strategy. Imagine having the opportunity to be in front of the HCP when your competitor’s drug is prescribed or at a time when your drug has the opportunity to be prescribed,” he said. “You could reach out during those moves. There’s so much more to do on this channel that’s not even possible on the programmatic display side.


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