Cardence: revolutionize the decentralized launch space, create reliable affiliate marketing for presales


BENGALURU, India, July 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Since the ICO boom in 2017, initial coin offerings have come a long way. It evolved into IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) then into IDO (Initial Dex Offering). It’s still a wild world, rife with carpet draws and chip dumps. Nonetheless, it remains popular with investors because good projects can easily pay off multiple times.

Hundreds of projects launch their presales daily. They need a platform where presales can be conducted. Decentralized presale platforms act as a platform where anyone can create token sales for their projects.

The main issues faced by the ecosystem are: inability to release tokens according to the acquisition schedule, inability to add participants to the whitelist, inability to create an affiliate marketing program, raffles by projects , lack of locker apps, filtering the right projects to find the next 100x gem.

Cardence is a decentralized IDO platform that allows anyone to create a token sale on their platform. There are different levels of project control. It deploys special features to safeguard the interests of investors as well as project owners. It works on Binance Smart Chain, but plans to launch on Cardano, Polygon, Kucoin Community Chain, Solana, and Ethereum in the coming months.

What is Cardence?

Cardence is a decentralized, multi-channel presale platform that creates a trustless fundraising ecosystem. It is launched on the BSC, Ethereum, Matic, KCC, Cardano and Solana networks. It is the premier presale platform that facilitates affiliate marketing of projects, releasing tokens on acquisition schedule, whitelisting attendees, and automatic cash lockout. Additionally, Dapps like SmartMint and Locker App allow the creation of new tokens without writing code and the creation of time-locked token vaults for token release on an acquisition schedule.

How is it better than its competitors?

Cardence is not the only decentralized presale platform. Bounce, Unicrypt and Dxsale are its main competitors. What sets it apart from the rest are the innovative features that are not available on other platforms.

For example, the biggest difficulty with projects is getting to market. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing that creates a viral effect. Rewarding users to refer other investors to the presale with a commission on the value of the transaction will encourage users to market the project. Cardence is the only presale platform that facilitates trustless affiliate marketing techniques.

Another cool feature is to allow project owners to release tokens on a vesting schedule. Presale investors receive tokens at significantly reduced rates and tend to get rid of sooner after signing up. This slows down the growth of the project. Applying an acquisition schedule for the release of tokens ensures that not all tokens can be emptied simultaneously.

Cardence is the only decentralized platform that allows the whitelisting of wallet addresses. This means that projects can whitelist people and only allow sale participants who have been whitelisted. This is very useful for performing private tours.

Registration Without Authorization: While anyone can create a sale, only projects that qualify for the community vote are allowed to be listed as public IDOs. It gives power back to the community.

Smart Mint: This feature allows you to create new tokens without writing any code. Initially, it is being deployed for the Cardano network. The tokens will be fully customizable: inflationary, deflationary, rebase. In addition, he will have the possibility of distributing the transaction costs. Cardence also plans to add the feature of keeping ready-made templates (like a Safety Moon Template, Shiba Template, and an Elongated Template) that can be used instantly to create new tokens. It will be especially useful for the community and Meme token builders, as well as for artists to create fan tokens and focus on their art.

Smart Locker: this Dapp allows you to store tokens in lockers that are locked over time. It will also allow the transfer of time-delayed tokens, the locking of tokens according to an acquisition schedule, as well as the bulk distribution of tokens according to an acquisition schedule. It is the most advanced locker app available.

Current stage

The Cardence product is ready to be deployed on testnet. It will go live on the mainnet during the first week of August.

The smart contract has been audited by Techrate. An agreement was signed with Chainlink for the use of its Oracle services in the smart contract.

Cardence has already completed the private sale. The public sale is underway. Cardence is listed on CoinmarketCap and its ICO is live on CMC.

Cardence has 43,000 users in its Telegram group and 41,000 followers on Twitter.

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