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Welcome back to Asia-Pacific Campaignfrom the Crash Course learning series, where you’ll learn valuable lessons and practical business advice on trending and essential topics from industry experts in just five minutes. Think of it as a mini mini MBA, if you will.

Lessons will cover the breadth of the marcomms industry, including technology, creative, media, strategy, leadership, diversity and inclusion and more. We’ll start by introducing you to broader topics and dig deeper into specifics in the future. This series is designed to be useful for C-suite executives as well as those just starting out in their careers.


The 43rd lesson in the Crash Course series will debunk affiliate marketing myths. In this advertising model, advertisers pay a commission to a series of affiliates, which can be an individual or a company, to promote their products. Conversions are tracked via affiliate links, allowing the advertiser to see which affiliates are performing the best. This form of marketing has been around for many years, but Rakuten Advertising believes its value is misunderstood.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The different ways marketers can use affiliate marketing.

  • How Affiliate Marketing is Affected by Third-Party Cookie Deprecation.

  • What channels and clients does affiliate marketing serve?

  • Five quick tips for success.

Your teacher

Camille Mandray is Senior Director of Client Services at Rakuten Advertising, an affiliate marketing service provider. She has been with the company for over eight years, initially as a network development specialist.

The quiz

After watching the video above, test your affiliate marketing knowledge with this quiz:


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