Boulevard Launches Marketing Suite to Help Self-Help Businesses Streamline and Simplify Email Outreach


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boulevard (, provider of the customer experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based self-care businesses, today announced the launch of Boulevard Marketing Suite, a collection of tools that help clients streamline and simplify their email marketing strategy. Seamlessly integrated with the Boulevard Dashboard, the suite enables empowerment professionals to quickly and easily create, execute, track and manage email marketing campaigns that are both targeted and customizable. With Boulevard Marketing Suite, self-help businesses can create better customer experiences and increase revenue by filling slow days and last-minute openings, rescuing lost customers, and reminding loyal customers when it’s time to book.

Unlike competing email marketing solutions that rely on traditional usage-based pricing, the Boulevard Marketing Suite relies on a pay-for-performance model for automated campaigns whereby customers only pay for appointments made. This performance-based approach guarantees clients a positive ROI every time they run an automated campaign.

“In today’s digital age, targeted email marketing is essential for engaging customers and retaining them long after their first appointment,” said Shanalie Wijesinghe, Director of Education, Boulevard . “Historically, executing an email campaign required not only marketing automation expertise, but also significant time and resources; two things most personal care professionals don’t have in abundance. The Boulevard Marketing Suite alleviates this challenge and takes the stress and guesswork out of email marketing with beautifully personalized, personalized campaigns that require little time, effort or expertise.

The Boulevard Marketing Suite allows users to take advantage of customizable templates that build brand awareness and meet the specific email marketing needs of single and multi-location salons, spas and medspas. With Boulevard Marketing Suite, users can take advantage of both one-time ads ideal for general announcements, newsletters, promotions and business updates, as well as automated, ongoing campaigns that keep professionals in touch with customers and unlock new revenue.

Other key benefits of Boulevard Marketing Suite include:

  • Smart design. Boulevard’s intuitive, easy-to-use campaign builder helps empowerment professionals customize each email to match their brand, message, and creative goals.
  • Seamless integration. The new Marketing Suite seamlessly integrates with the modern design aesthetic and streamlined workflow of the Boulevard Dashboard, eliminating the need for professionals to learn a new solution or pay a third party to host their email list. customers and allowing them to enjoy the simplicity of having all the tools they need in one place.
  • Data-driven targeting and insights. Automated campaigns with Boulevard Marketing Suite rely on intelligent algorithms and safeguards to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, while delivering deep insights through robust performance reporting. Users simply select their campaign objective and customize their campaign message. Boulevard does the rest.

The new marketing suite further enhances the breadth and depth of capabilities available to users of Boulevard’s customer experience platform. In addition to powerful appointment scheduling and messaging features, Boulevard also offers comprehensive payment facilitation capabilities, making it the only booking solution in the personal care industry that offers full end-to-end payment facilitation. at the end. Boulevard now processes more than $1 billion in payments annually. More than 25,000 professionals at more than 2,000 salons and spas across the country rely on the Boulevard platform to deliver personalized and enjoyable experiences for their clients through online appointment booking, messaging and simple payments , elegant and reliable.

The launch comes as Boulevard continues to garner significant industry and workplace recognition. Last month, the company was named to the inaugural SMBTech 50 list for high-growth startups that serve small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, earlier this year, Boulevard was named one of dot.LA’s Hottest Startups of 2022.

The company was also recently named one of America’s Top Startup Employers for 2022 by Forbes, ranking 33rd on the prestigious list of America’s Top 500 Startup Employers. Additionally, Boulevard recently achieved Great Place to Work® certification for 2022 and was named one of Built In LA’s 50 Best Small Companies to Work For. With its commitment to a fully remote workforce, Boulevard has more than doubled the size of its team in the past 12 months and continues to hire.

Price and availability

The Boulevard Marketing Suite is available now and accessible through the Boulevard Dashboard. One-time sends are available to all Boulevard customers for just $0.01 per email, with the first 500 emails per location free each month. Automated campaigns are available to all Premier or Enterprise customers and are billed on a performance basis at a rate of $2 per appointment booked.

About the Boulevard

Boulevard offers the first and only customer experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based self-care businesses. Boulevard empowers business owners and professionals to deliver personalized and engaging experiences for their clients through simple, elegant and reliable online appointment booking, messaging and payments. Founded in 2016, Boulevard has earned the trust of thousands of salons and spas across the country by delivering world-class technology and the genuine, caring, personalized service they deserve. To learn more, visit


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