Applebees launches NFT marketing campaign


“We think we’ve created a really compelling idea that combines the real world of Applebee’s and the world of virtual artwork that combine to create a really fun engagement for our guests and fans,” said Joel Yashinsky, Marketing Director from Applebee’s, said in an interview. “The combination of a real meal and the virtual engagement of a work of art is what sets him apart from what others do in this space. “

Applebee’s has announced that it will be rolling out new “Meta Monday” offers on Mondays in December, featuring new artwork and different menu items. The company said it will share details of the menu and associated artists as they go live.

Applebee’s created the Meta Monday campaign in partnership with creative agency Gray Group and media partner Current.

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Many restaurant brands have experimented with NFTs and other forms of crypto-marketing in recent months, including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King. “We’re excited to see where this all leads,” Yashinsky said.

Vittoria’s work, titled “Sharing Dreams,” is inspired by her teenage visits to her local Applebee with friends, where they shared their dreams for the future while sharing a meal.

Applebee’s has recovered strongly from the pandemic, with same-store sales up 12.5% ​​from the same pre-pandemic period of 2019 in its most recent fiscal second quarter. A series of successful and high-profile promotions was part of the success, according to Yashinsky.

Applebee got a boost from country singer Walker Hayes, whose summer hit song “Fancy Like” praised the virtues of an Applebee date night and led to a promotional deal with the channel. The restaurant also entered into an exclusive partnership with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to use the wrestler-actor premium tequila brand Teremana in a revamped beverage menu, and made a deal with Disney that rewarded diners with free tickets to. the movie “Jungle Cruise”.

“I’ve had more fun at Applebee over the past year than in my 25 year marketing career,” said Yashinsky, who joined the Dine Brands-owned chain after 18 years in marketing roles. at McDonalds.


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