Amazon Halo Rise is a bedside lamp with sleep tracking for those who don’t like clothes


Amazon revealed a slew of new and improved products during the fall Echo and Alexa hardware event, and I’m quite intrigued by one of them. This is the brand new Halo Rise sleep monitor and bedside lamp that comes just at a time when wearable sleep monitors are gaining traction in the wellness market.

The USP here is the fact that the Halo Rise tracks your sleep without needing to wear a smartwatch or fitness band. This will pique the interest of insomniacs who don’t like to wear gadgets overnight.

Creator: Amazon

All data measurements are made by radar sensors and low power radio signals without microphone or camera, which makes the wellness and lifestyle gadget different. As you toss and turn during the night, every micro-movement is detected, along with breathing patterns to determine sleep score.

According to Amazon, the product has been extensively tested for effectiveness in everyday life situations and the algorithm has been validated, “against the clinical gold standard for sleep analysis.” Cases where two people sleep on the same bed or your dog snuggles next to each other. Things like age, body type, ambient room temperature, humidity, and other factors are also considered.

Halo Rise sits on your bedside table and uses machine learning technology to learn more about your sleep patterns. Things like REM and deep sleep, to access sleep quality for better suggestions through the accompanying app. The important thing to note here is that the Halo Rise will track whoever is closest to the device. There are many mood-based ambient light settings or one can choose presets for things like simulated sunrise or wake up based on sleep cycle stage.

Amazon has emphasized encryption of data sent back to servers and said it would never use it for advertising or marketing purposes. According to Melissa Cha, Vice President of Amazon Smart Home and Health; quality sleep is very important for overall well-being, and Halo rise is designed to work seamlessly in the background for “an effortless new way to manage your sleep and achieve harmony between life and the sleep”.

The gadget supports Alexa and with a compatible Echo device, one can add soundscapes for morning alarms to sync with lamp sync. Alexa can also be prompted for the sleep summary for a quick morning update. The app can be used to customize sleep routines and get a more detailed summary of long-term sleep.

Amazon will begin shipping Halo Rise in the US later this year with a price tag of $139.99. This will include six months of free Halo subscription which will cost $3.99/month after this period. The gadget’s release date in other parts of the world, however, remains shrouded in mystery.


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