Affiliate Marketing Workshop – Launch of Guided Coaching for WFH Business Setup in 2022



The online entrepreneur training resource portal FitPreneurShip recently announced its new eight-week training course, Ministry of Freedom. The course is designed to guide students through the process of starting their own business.

Created with independent learners in mind, the new workshop focuses on describing a proven income generation strategy that even those new to the industry can achieve. Students receive round-the-clock support from coaches to ensure they have a full grasp of the basic concepts before applying them to real-life situations.

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In the highly competitive online marketplace, newbie traders are often overwhelmed with the prospect of how to build a successful business. FitPreneurShip’s new course presents information in small-sized packages designed to be straightforward and unambiguous for marketers at any stage of their careers. Marketers can take the course at their own pace and move on to new steps once they’re ready.

With more people than ever shopping online in the wake of the pandemic, the online arena has become a more profitable place than ever to do business. Studies have shown that marketers who can master the practice of SEO have a better chance of pitching their products to their target audience and paying their customers.

FitPreneurShip offers aspiring online marketers the opportunity to hone their SEO and business management skills to prepare them for success in the ecommerce world.

Before students grasp the intricacies of marketing strategy, the course begins by training them on how to acquire the proper mindset for business. As Freedom Ministry promoter Kneller Fernandes said, having a mindset that will allow students to preserve themselves during tough times is essential to success.

Students are then guided through important branding resources such as YouTube, OBS Studio, and Facebook groups.

Once students are familiar with branding and are ready to choose a product to promote, the course teaches students the basics of starting their business and how to drive traffic to their site. The course introduces students to the concepts of paid and organic traffic and teaches how to get more attention to a product through direct marketing.

Upon registering for the course, students also have access to five bonus tutorials on topics such as SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Building a Buyers List.

FitPreneurShip continues its journey to help entrepreneurs find financial success and an independent lifestyle.

“The course gave me the tools I needed to work from home doing a job that I love,” said a satisfied student. “After I finished the course, I felt able to finally launch the product I had been thinking about promoting for years and quit my 9 to 5 job.”

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