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UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / — A carefully curated inbound marketing agency can employ strategies to drive visitors to your website and turn raw leads into eventual sales. That’s why App Development Agency (ADA) has created this list of the best marketing companies for review. This effort accumulates reading between company policies, company descriptions, former and current customers, notable projects, and customer reviews to find the best fit for your business.

The $6.8 billion affiliate marketing industry (2020 update) generates an average of 15-30% of all sales for advertisers. It includes influencer marketing, voice search optimization, native advertising, keyword-rich reviews and review sites, and data-driven marketing – affiliate marketers are operated by 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers. This is why search interest in “affiliate marketing” has increased by 44% in less than a year. This is a high paying job with over 35% of affiliates earning $20,000.

1. Ethervision
2. Split Reef
3. MobMaxime
4. Dasinfomedia
5. EZ Rankings
6. Aegis Softtech

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Now, the privacy of mobile app users is critical to the creation and marketing of mobile apps. Apple’s IDFA policy restricts major app marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads from collecting information about mobile app users across multiple apps. This resulted in about a 50% drop in Facebook’s audience network effectiveness (CPM rate) due to the IDFA policy change. As app marketers seek out the best performing ad creatives and continue to invest in acquiring paid users through Apple’s search ads, Google UAC, and App Store optimization, they strive to redouble their efforts. In addition to the app development agency, we have chosen app marketing companies that follow marketing channels such as (a) incentivized CPI, (b) non-incentive CPI, (c) social media/Facebook advertising, (d) search marketing (Google Adwords), (e) television. Advertising, (f) Co-promotion partnerships, (g) Mobile site redirects, (h) Being marketed as an “app of the day”, (i) Celebrity features and endorsements, (j) Non-invasive in-app marketing (Advertising on mobile app walls), (k) App Store Optimization, (l) Organic User Acquisition, (m) Paid Advertising, Influencer Marketing, (n) Email Marketing, (o ) Social Media Marketing, (p) Digital Video Marketing, (q) Traditional Marketing, (r) Press Releases, (s) Referral Invitations,


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