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Synergy to fuel the growth of licensing and compliance platforms

Licensing expert Compliable has partnered with Rightlander, a leading provider of marketing compliance software, in an agreement that will see both parties work together to offer their combined services to their respective clients.

The alliance will create synergy between the two companies who are focused on supporting and navigating operators and affiliates through the complex regulatory landscape in the United States as more states allow online gambling. line.

Rightlander is the industry authority on compliance, offering solutions to automate affiliate compliance checks. It allows operators to screen affiliates for suitability, discover undisclosed content, monitor offer compliance and accuracy, verify offer placement and landing pages, and engage high-ranking affiliates. .

Compliable’s platform, in addition to helping to apply for and manage the licenses needed to operate in the United States, allows operators to quickly and easily track the licensing status of their affiliates and CPA providers, across all jurisdictions. These vendors, affiliates, and suppliers can also leverage Compliable’s licensing platform to keep up to date with their own licensing requirements.

Chris Oltyan, CEO of Compliable, said: “We are delighted to enter into a partnership with Rightlander, which will prove to broaden our scope and highlight the importance of compliance and licensing in the industry.

“This referral agreement will serve to highlight the key benefits offered by the Compliable platform, which can provide CPA marketing affiliates and mid-tier vendors with access to game license application generation.”

Brean Wilkinson, Director of Operations at Rightlander, said: “We are delighted to have Compliable in our corner at a time when the industry needs compliance and licensing experts more than ever.

“The Rightlander platform has a long history of affiliate compliance and this partnership will only serve to increase our visibility, allowing more operators to better screen affiliates for suitability.”


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