7 Big Business Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Know


It’s easy to post content.

It’s much harder to post content that generates ROI and provides value to your target audience.

On February 16, I hosted a sponsored webinar presented by Katie Greenwood, Sr. SEO Manager at Conductor.

Greenwood showed the ins and outs of creating an effective business content strategy that leads to conversions, not bounces.

Here is a brief summary of the webinar. To access the full presentation, fill out the form.

7 Steps to Improve Your Enterprise Content Strategy

Organic traffic accounts for 53% of all website traffic.

Even though your brand name recognition may generate a few clicks, you still need to consider your SEO and content to maximize your presence.

In 2022, SEO-focused organic content will be an even more important metric for your site and its success.

Step 1: Bring SEO in-house

Have a team dedicated to SEO and content strategy at every stage of the customer journey.

If you are a corporate brand, this team should consist of several people.

Compared to agencies, internal teams are better equipped to react to new information and implement new plans more quickly.

Indeed, they have direct access to other internal teams and dedicated time.

Internal teams know your customers, their challenges and, most importantly, each other.

This level of familiarity helps create content that sells and converts.

Step 2: Include SEO at all stages of the content process

Don’t just introduce SEO at the end, just before publishing.

Instead, make sure everyone on the marketing team has a solid understanding of SEO.

This way, every step of your process is guided and informed by organic search best practices.

Be sure to include SEO training for your social team, content writers, developers – anyone who may have a role in creating content for your site.

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Step 3: Grow Your Competitor Lists

You know your top business competitors, but do you know your content competitors at every stage of the buyer journey?

They can be completely different.

Knowing your competition at every level will help you pivot your content creation at every stage.

Step 4: Meet your customers at all stages of their process

Create preliminary content that helps your customers answer their most introductory questions about a topic.

Create intermediate content that can help facilitate comparison questions.

Create late-stage content that helps complete the buyer journey more effectively.

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Step 5: Focus on branded content

Other companies are probably talking about you if you are a corporate brand.

Make sure you show up and own your brand keywords, especially when it comes to supporting articles about your products.

You want to control the conversation about yourself.

Step 6: Pay attention to result types

Tailor your content strategy to the types of results that make sense for your keywords.

If your target keywords are all “people also ask” results, make sure your content contains Q&A content.

If your keywords show videos on the SERPs, make videos.

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Step 7: Track. All.

Small changes can have significant impacts on an SEO brand.

Make sure you have automated methods for tracking your site’s content strategies and regular reporting for updates.

Understanding your data will help you share the gains and allow you to go back and fix campaigns that didn’t work.

Setting up tracking of your KPIs before starting your project sets you up for success.

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Remember, it’s always okay to re-evaluate and try again.

If your campaigns aren’t working the way you want, here are six tips you can implement right now.

And the most crucial resource in business SEO?

It’s teamwork.

Be sure to hold your team accountable for education and follow-up.

This is the most important key to having a successful business content strategy.

[Slides] 7 Big Business Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

Here is the presentation:

7 Big Business Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Know of Search Engine Journal

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