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To grow your business beyond the start-up stage, you need to implement the right marketing strategies and make the most of what you have. Most companies have recently discovered the benefits of affiliate marketing and have flourished ever since.

The key thing to remember is not just to follow general affiliate marketing guidelines, but to choose the specific best practices for you and your business.

High ROI, better brand awareness and faster business growth are some of the benefits that affiliate marketing offers for a fraction of the cost invested in advertisements.

There are several reasons affiliate marketing can be a game-changer for your startup. Let’s discuss it in this blog!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Through affiliate marketing, your business gets business referrals from third-party businesses or websites with the same audience. In the United States alone, the cost invested in affiliate marketing is expected to reach $8.2 billion in 2022. Why would companies spend so much on affiliate marketing alone? Let’s find out!

  • Economic alternative

Early-stage startups need to spend a lot on ads to be seen by their ideal audience, but in the case of affiliate marketing, there’s little to no investment. Unlike advertising campaigns, brands that invest in affiliate marketing spend significantly less.

The only investment a business needs to make is to educate the affiliate and develop a strategy to access the affiliate contribution. Low investment and high ROI make it an effective marketing model for startups.

The first steps in building a healthy affiliate relationship can take a long time, but once everything is on track, you can expect your sales to increase.

This marketing model is much more efficient than others because affiliates do most of the work associated with content generation. Also, unlike other models, you only have to pay the commission for a product or service when the transaction is closed or when the product is purchased.

In other marketing models, for example PPC, you have to pay for every click to your website or landing page, whether the sale is made or not. This makes affiliate marketing more efficient for your startup because you don’t have to invest in a lead that doesn’t convert.

  • Take advantage of social proof

Social proof describes how people look at others before investing in something. This means that people are heavily influenced by the decisions made by their peers and tend to copy their buying behavior.

Social proof can be described as another form of marketing influencing a buyer’s purchase decision, such as word of mouth. About 81% of consumers research a product review online before making a decision.

Social proof has a strong influence on people’s minds, mainly because of an affiliate’s relevance to their daily lives. This increases the chances of an affiliate making a sale while recommending or reviewing your products.

Using the powers of social proof is a great way for startups to gain traction in their niche with audiences you might not find in traditional media.

All affiliates or content creators have an organic audience that listens and supports them. Ideally, their audience should align with yours and be in the same niche. Through affiliation, you must be able to introduce a new audience to your products.

With the help of affiliate marketing, you can choose the location you want to target and pick an affiliate with the right audience. This way, your marketing will be more location-focused, which is impossible in traditional forms of marketing.

Many companies prefer to start by targeting a small region of people who don’t understand traditional marketing languages.

Choosing an affiliate who creates content in the same language can be a great way to reach this audience and entice them to make a purchase.

Most startups underestimate the importance of location-targeted campaigns. Location-targeted campaigns tend to perform better due to less competition. This method of marketing is popular when targeting a specific audience, like students, GenZ, etc.

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One of the best ways to get a client is through a trusted referral, which is only possible through good relationships. Establishing good relationships in the industry and with competitors is necessary to stay in business.

With the help of affiliate marketing, you get more flexibility to scale your business up or down. Also, unlike other marketing methods, affiliate marketing does not require a large investment. Therefore, establishing the right relationship with your affiliate is the only investment you need to make.

Virtual Assistants are another great way to achieve flexibility as you no longer have to invest in recruit full-time employees. This gives you the freedom to evolve at your own pace.

  • High return on investment

You can channel your products and services through an affiliate that directly influences an audience and is closer to them. This helps amplify their pitch and familiarize the audience with your brand.

Regardless of the size of your startup or business, affiliate marketing can help you create the right brand image you want to achieve. This is essential for your startup because brand awareness and image is one of the main things any business needs to grow and grow.

Where to start?

Now that you know the benefits of affiliate marketing, let’s walk through the process of setting up or starting an affiliate program. Here are some tips to help you set up your affiliate marketing campaign.

Find the right bloggers who can add value to your business through their writing and have many local readers. To implement this successfully, you may need to attend local events, meet influencers, and build a relationship with bloggers.

People are very interested in products or services that make their life easier and worth their money. Therefore, your marketing pitch for your affiliate needs to be compelling enough, and for that, you need to offer them an ideal product that defines your brand.

  • Create a systematic payment structure

It would be better if you design an attractive offer to make affiliates work for you. Start with a systematic payment structure and make sure the commission is variable based on the cost of the product or services.

Build a more supportive structure for affiliates to work and earn with you. You should use specialized services to manage affiliates and access their performance and payout structure. This ensures that your affiliates get paid on time and receive freebies on special occasions to build the right relationship.

You have to be picky when choosing the right affiliate for your business. Each affiliate has a different niche for creating content, and people in the same field don’t need to follow them. So do your part of the background check before agreeing to take them on your team.

A background check on your affiliate is essential, as well as access to their content. Make sure affiliates adhere to the guidelines of the platform they choose, promote your product ethically, and do not encourage illegal activity.

Affiliate marketing aims to place your products and services in a tight circle where people are more engaging and easily influenced, which is the ultimate goal of affiliate marketing.



When using affiliate marketing to grow your business, remember that starting with a small audience and working your way up will help you generate better results than targeting a larger audience.

You will likely venture into other affiliate marketing models after you reach a certain level of growth. Nevertheless, with more affiliates working, you should also consider the system to manage their contribution with more affiliates.

Most startups prefer hire virtual assistants to help them manage, organize, track, monitor marketing growth and keep you up to date on trends.


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