6 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


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Instagram has been a major player in the social media world for quite some time now. Over 65 million monthly active users, 10 billion photos and one of the most iconic logos make it an essential marketing platform for small businesses – if they know how to use it.

As the photo-sharing platform continues to grow, its influence on the purchasing habits of its users is also increasing. With that in mind, you can use Instagram not only as a place to share photos, but also to attract new customers.

To help you succeed on Instagram as a small business owner, we’ve rounded up the best tactics and tips from successful small businesses. Here are seven proven ways to use social media as a marketing tool.

1. Create attractive emoji captions

Capitalizing on emojis is an effective way to engage your followers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and hashtags are funny and slightly different. Try to use them together for more creativity.

Emojis are particularly effective on Instagram because they can be used to add personality to your posts. You can use the same emoji for different occasions, or mix the colors and style of the post every time you post something new.

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2. Be original

No one can resist the allure of original content when posting your captions on Instagram. There are thousands of posts similar to yours which means you need to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you have a unique angle or perspective that your followers will appreciate. You don’t want to be seen as someone who just shares what’s going on in their life without adding value or making any effort. With an unlimited number of Instagram followers, it’s easy for people to find a particular user they like. But if you want your post to be noticed, step out of the crowd and create something memorable for them.

3. Use hashtags wisely

When using hashtags on Instagram, make sure you see how they work before you do so. It’s a good idea to do a search for your own specific hashtag and see what happens when you include it in your posts.

While there is no guarantee that your hashtag will be noticed, there are a number of factors that determine its performance. There are certain hashtags that people use all the time, while others tend to work best when used occasionally.

The top performing hashtags are around eight to ten characters long, and you need to make sure your hashtags are easy for people to read. You should also use a combination of hashtags and not focus on just one or two.

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4. Go beyond Instagram

If you want to get more Instagram followers, be sure to take advantage of the other opportunities that are available to you. For example, you can try to promote your account through Facebook ads or on Twitter. These sites allow their users to advertise their pages or products, so consider taking advantage of this feature if it matches your growth goals.

5. Post regularly

It’s always good to post regularly, but you want to make sure that what you post is engaging. This is your chance to showcase your brand personality and connect with your followers on a more personal level, so don’t waste it posting bad content! Many brands use Instagram Stories as another way to keep their content up to date. They do this by creating short clips that are easy to use for viewers and act as an extension of the account in a way that matches their branding. It is definitely something worth trying!

6. Attractive Instagram feed

If you have a well-designed Instagram feed, then it makes sense that the profiles match as well. These will be the first images new subscribers see, so make sure they’re interesting and engaging enough to make people want to continue exploring your feed. If you are using a mobile device, this is especially important, as you only have a small area to get their attention.

While many people already know it, some companies don’t yet: Instagram is now an algorithm-based feed. This means that it does not follow the chronological order of the messages. This is a huge change for those who used it primarily as a content curation tool and suddenly found they had no visibility when their posts weren’t directly engaging or actively liked.

Take advantage of the algorithm by adjusting your post times and discovering the time slots that work best for you. While there is no magic formula for this, you can base it on the following:

  • What type of content are you posting? Typically lighter, more digestible content is best at the start, while bolder or more graphic images are better later in the day.
  • How long do you spend on your account? If you spend less than an hour a day, think about the early hours of the morning. The reason is that more people are online during these hours, so posts from this period are some of the first they see.
  • Where do you live? Some markets are very different when it comes to how long people use their smartphones in these places.

Schedule your posts accordingly to avoid disappointment and ensure your content gets the exposure it deserves.

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