5 Brands in Hong Kong with Excellent Digital Marketing Strategies


Hong Kongers are used to using the internet to research brand information and even purchase products and services online. In a recent survey by We Are Social and Hootsuite, more than half (50.6%) of internet users aged 16-64 said they researched brands online before making a purchase; while 46.2% of them visited a brand’s website in the last 30 days.

As customers used the internet to search for information, city brands were spending a lot of money on digital advertising. For example, the amount of digital advertising in Hong Kong grew 13% year-on-year to US$1.16 billion. Video ads had the strongest growth last year, growing 28% year-over-year to $202.2 million. Search ads grew 14% year-over-year to $382.3 million, while banner ads’ year-over-year growth (8.4%) was not as impressive as other categories. The amount spent on banner ads was US$470.8 million.

Currently, there are 7.05 million internet users in the city of Hong Kong, which is 93% of the total population. Additionally, 88.1% of the population (6.68 million) are also active social media users.

Given the importance of digital marketing, we turned to our results from the Marketing Excellence Awards Hong Kong 2021 to find out who our judges thought were the top five brands in Hong Kong. We’ve listed our top 5 winners in alphabetical order. Our list of agencies below has won over our independent panel of high caliber marketers, not only by displaying the work they have done for clients, but also by their desire to nurture talent and create products. exclusive for executing world-class campaigns. .

AIA International

In the “AIA One Absolute – Full Protection” campaign, AIA International hoped to redefine medical insurance and aimed to raise awareness of the new marketing plan that covered all illnesses and injuries. The company said the campaign applies a new digital initiative to form segments based on customer risk levels.

Additionally, the campaign leveraged its customer data platform to combine cookie-based targeting intelligence and its customer data to assess prospect segments based on “needs” and “need levels.” » respective customers.

AIA International created segments using its agency’s data management platform, which tracked more than four million unique device IDs in real time. Then he created core segments based on life stages and primary interest of customers, such as emerging affluent couples, parents with toddlers, new grads, entrepreneurs, and caring parents. their health who were able to manage their wealth.

To improve awareness of the product, AIA International produced a spotlight video on high-traffic channels, with messages tailored to their lifestyle and primary needs. For example, middle-aged couples who are interested in sports might have a high risk of heart attack or stroke, while high achievers who are interested in travel might be more likely to be. exposed to unknown diseases. The brand has gone further by optimizing investment levels and scoring individuals’ level of risk.

Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong

Many brands in Hong Kong have capitalized on the popularity of MIRROR and ERROR boybands. While collaborating with celebrities has been a useful way to successfully engage audiences, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong has taken a slightly different route, working with singer Alfred Hui and artist Johhny Hui – both of whom are widely celebrated. by many Hongkongers thanks to their impressive performance on ViuTV. reality show Kingmaker IV. The two of them formed a limited-time slick boy group “Beeroar.”

The company produced a music video capturing both Alfred Hui and Johnny Hui playing instruments, singing and dancing, giving audiences an unexpected experience to show another side of themselves. After which, in response to the positive response from the public, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong partnered with KKBox to host the first Carlsberg Smooth Draft virtual concert on Facebook. The company also produced a theme song DeliverSmooth for the campaign, leveraging an attribute of its products – softness to create an eye-catching jingle.

To further engage audiences, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong has also rolled out a behind-the-scenes video along with fun edits to its music video. Finally, the company organized a live music concert “Beeroar” in partnership with KKBox. The concert was streamed live on KKBox’s Facebook.

Coca Cola China

In the “365 Taste of Home Kong” campaign, the company wanted to take action to help restaurants recover and bring people together amid the pandemic. The first part of the campaign was to collect recipes from local families and put the stories into a social cookbook.

With over 100 quality recipes and stories received, Coca-Cola selected the top three entries. Afterwards, celebrities visited their kitchens and filmed the stories. The company also celebrated restaurants across the city, showing its appreciation and support to all of its restaurant partners, and giving them a helping hand amid the pandemic. Coca-Cola has partnered with over 300 local restaurants and celebrated unsung heroes behind the scenes.

At the same time, he called on Hong Kongers to support restaurants and help them grow their business, alongside Coca-Cola. In addition, a loyalty program was launched to retain customers. They were also invited to join a program to support all Coca-Cola partner restaurants, collect stamps after each meal and redeem a free can of Coca-Cola or other beverages.


The company created the “Durex Love Series 2020 to 2021 Campaign” with four stages across multiple online touchpoints. She introduced the Durex LOVEcation kit in December 2020 because the brand understood that Hong Kongers were all hoping to travel. The kit looked like a suitcase and contained condoms, lubricant, flower pedals and a home aroma, allowing people who liked to stay on vacation to take a romantic yet intimate trip.

Then, in February 2021, Durex created a special giveaway for the public at the Durex LOVEstation pop-up store located in Causeway Bay. In collaboration with Hong Kong-based illustrator Tse Sai Pei, Durex presented 100 sets of romantic greeting cards, each containing a unique sexual twist. Couples could take a photo in front of a photogenic wall and create Valentine’s Day gifts by choosing their card and condom, rekindling both love and sex on this special day.

During the summer, Durex advanced targeted LGBTQ couples by collaborating with influencer “Jie Jie & Uncle Cat” to illustrate the love stories of three pairs of LGBTQ couples in Hong Kong on social platforms. The illustrator even drew inspiration from the colorful pride flag to celebrate love in all its forms. Finally, the brand introduced Durex LOVEsignal, an ultimate love guide and video for couples, encouraging people to express their love to loved ones and show their intimacy 365 days a year.

ZA Bank

The virtual bank campaign “‘Be the Game Changer’ (做壞規矩 做好銀行) aimed to meet the needs of users by exploiting the technological advantages of virtual banks. It has adopted an integrated strategy, leveraging digital channels with engaging content developed by social media platforms, business partners and first-party influencers.

The bank offered several new services that other banks did not provide before. For example, it launched the “ZA card” to accompany the campaign, allowing customers to choose their card numbers. It also launched two festive campaigns, including a collaboration with McDonald’s Hong Kong in which customers could enjoy HK$15 cashback after spending at least HK$30. Another campaign was to celebrate Chinese New Year, allowing customers to create a lai-see app interface with their creativity.

In addition to the campaigns, the bank launched a raffle to celebrate its first anniversary that guaranteed at least 1% cash back. The bank also held two Instagram live events, giving away more than 1,000 prizes to the public.

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