4 places to make money from affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing has always been a great way to make money for people who don’t conform to the daily nine-to-five routine. However, as the world changes and a hybrid style is more normal than ever, using affiliate marketing to make money is more powerful than it has ever been.

The key is to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. If you can do this, your chances of success will be very high. Indeed, you don’t even have to search in the typical places to earn money, as the following platforms point out.

Website landing page

Once you have the perfect offer, you need to advertise it on the best possible platform. Given that e-commerce penetration has steadily increased by 6.8% in the third quarter of 2021 alone, it makes sense to look to your website. However, a site optimized just for affiliate marketing offers is a bit too much, as it can look fancy and is difficult to maintain.

Luckily, a landing page is a fantastic alternative. After all, it’s a single page, so it’s easy to grow and requires less maintenance. More importantly, you can customize a landing page for specific offers, which means the offers won’t get lost. All you have to do is edit each webpage to make it informative, believable, and shareable.

Advertise on social networks

While landing pages are great for affiliate marketing strategies, the reality is that you can do affiliate marketing without a website. It’s a lot simpler than it looks, which is always good news because there isn’t a lot of extra effort on your part. Take the example of social media.

First, active users represent 2.89 billion people. Therefore, the platform’s penetration rate is incredibly high. Additionally, they are sources of high-quality traffic because businesses are open to using affiliate marketing to improve user experience. For example, most of them offer paid advertising plans for affiliates and business owners, which means you can reach a few billion people in a heartbeat.

Take advantage of traffic from elsewhere

The internet is not lacking in content. From social media to websites and e-commerce websites, there are enough operators available to serve the entire population of the world. What does it mean? That means traffic is everywhere, and traffic is key in affiliate marketing since the more people you sell, the more money you make.

Of course, the issue with launching a website or opening a popular social media account is one of growth. It takes time to build a loyal base to advertise to, which makes it harder to implement your plan. Don’t worry, because you can post your links on established platforms like Youtube, Pinterest or Reddit to avoid middlemen. Just make sure the provider you select is suitable for your strategy.

Remember Email

Email may not be as exotic as it once was, but it continues to be powerful in generating leads for businesses and scammers. Affiliate marketing is no different, since you can include links in your posts to encourage readers to click.

The advantage of this tactic is that Amazon Affiliates and co allow you to place affiliate links in your Amazon portal via email. So there is no need for a website, blog or landing page. On average, 21.33% of people open their emails, which equates to more than a fifth of your target audience.

There is no shortage of places to earn money through affiliate marketing. Your job is to choose the most suitable for your specifications.

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